Awa is a jewelry design visionary defying fashion trends with art and crafts in a uniquely permanently empowering way. Awa was born in Vienna to Sierra Leonean diplomat parents. She spent parts of her early childhood in Kenema, one of the most ethnically diverse and second-largest city in Sierra Leone. She moved back to Austria at age six and resided in Salzburg. At age seventeen, in 1989, she won the 1st prize in The Youth Speech Contest in Salzburg and the 2nd prize in the Austrian national competition by bringing awareness on diversity and inclusion with an educational, mind-blowing speech. 

In 1993 she earned her degree in fashion design and business management studied at HBLA Salzburg and continued fashion-marketing at the Parosns School of Design in New York City in 2000. She spent a decade working in various sectors across America’s creative industry in corporate capacities, as a fashion model, additionally supported NGO’s with United Nations African related programs.

Since moving back to Austria in 2012 and raising her child she decided to pursue her childhood passion in handcraft, discovering the love for jewelry design. She was trained by renowned Austrian jewelry designers such as Erika Leitner, Martin Lerch and Margarete Niel.  In 2022 she earned her artist registration including her responsibility-mark AWA.


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